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The MONARCH Printing House is a large and vigorous company
which is able to successfully function in the stringent terms of the constantly varying Moldovan market.

Who we are:
We have a high reputation in the printing services market and a 14-year-long operational experience, a tight-knit team of employees/staff of over 80 persons working at the enterprise (without taking into account the staff working in the branches). We take pride in our employees who are professionals in their business, as well as in the excellent, by its characteristics and structure, pool of equipment that make it possible for us to fulfill the orders of any level of complexity within the deadlines that are most convenient for you and with invariably high quality.

The major directions in the operation of our enterprise are as follows:
• Promotional items including catalogues, pamphlets, flyers, posters, calendars, brochures and booklets;
• Books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and so on;
• Labels for foodstuffs, canned goods, wines and cognacs;
• Packing for cosmetic goods, confectionery products, wines, vodkas, etc., including boxes made of ordinary and corrugated cardboard with the thickness of up to 1.9 mm;

We are especially proud of our own design office that can resolve with the highest level of professionalism all kinds of your problems related to the styling and design of different kinds of packing and promotional goods of any level of complexity.

The following facts are illustrative. Having started our activity in 1992, throughout 14 years of our operation we have made over 11,500 million prints. Today, we are printing on 11 sections of the A2 format, applying an offset and screen printing including for the operative purposes of instant printing with the shortest order performance periods. We have successfully mastered the advanced offset printing techniques (up to 12 ink colors) and delimitation of colors including the stochastic screening technique. We perform over 10 repress and 37 postpress operations. We manufacture more than 500 types of printing products starting with complex packing and POS-materials and finishing with small A4 folded brochures and booklets.

• Heidelberg Hercules
• Glunz and Gensen

• Roland 204 – 2
• Roland 204 – 4
• KBA Planeta - 1
• Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 – 4H XL
• Heidelberg GTO -46

• Heidelberg Tigel
• Heidelberg CYLINDER 52*74 (3pieces)
• Polar 76 (2pieces)
• Bobst SP 1080 (automatic punching device)
• Bobst PCR 880 (folding-gluing line)
• Stall (automatic folder)
• Horizon
• Stok (automatic backing device)

The equipment is being constantly upgraded and replenished.
Our production area is a modern premise with the total floor space being 3500 square meters.
We have our own motor-vehicle pool /6 vehicles/for the transportation of client deliveries within the city.

Our advantages:
• Full spectrum of printing services: Preprinting, printing and postprinting services
• 12-years of operational experience
• Highly qualified specialists
• Individual approach to each client
• Unique level of services
• Upgraded fleet of equipment from the leading European manufacturers
• Office and production facilities are located in the central part of Chisinau
• Delivery of printed goods to the customer
• Advanced technological level
• Complex printing with the use of 4-8 ink colours
• Metallic paint printing
• Graphic design and preprinting preparation of any level of complexity – already in place
• Formation of our own gallery.
• 2 format film printing - max 743o580 mm.
• Graphic design and constructive development:

- Cardboard and corrugated cardboard packings ;
- Representation and promotional products;
- POS–materials of any level of complexity.

• A2 offset printing
• Continuous and selective glazing: High pressure, offset, UV-photostencil, UV-offset,/luster –quill/
• Lamination.
• Foil blocking and hot stamping.
• Die cutting, die stamping, punching, scratch printing, creasing and so on.
• Casework and binding BKS, stitching, winding, thermal binding automated line.
• All kinds of stamping including three types of foil simultaneously.
• Precise punching of the 1115x1600mm format ;
• Folding and gluing of boxes in a line;
• Completely closed cycle of the whole manufacturing process/from delivery of inputs to the productions facilities to the delivery of finished products to the client;
• Design office with the specialists ready to design original and competitive packing according to your order;

In 2005, the company’s turnover grew by 4.9 times versus 2004.

Mission of the company:
We aspire to make a really significant contribution to the development of the Moldova’s modern market of printing services since we manufacture only quality goods and the highest level of services for our clients with any kinds of orders and any sizes of budgets. We aspire to be the best among leaders in order to ensure maximum benefit to each client based on our advantages. We are constantly improving our professionalism for our clients’ benefit to grow even bigger. We are open for cooperation; our business is exact and transparent.

Yours respectfully,
Malikov Andrey



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